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The Euro Extender ($199)

enlarge your penis now

The Euro Extender is not just a penis enlarger, but a complete penis enlargement system.  Order the Euro Extender kit today, and you will receive not only one of the most famous and reputed penis extenders in the world, but also penis pills, as well as detailed penis exercises to perform with or without the extender.  Everything you need to increase the size of your penis!

The Euro Extender has been clinically proven to promote permanent gains of up to 3 inches in just 3 months - safely and comfortably!

The Euro Extender will increase the width and thickness of your penis, as well as the length, and has been designed by X4 Labs - makers of the best selling and respected penis enlargers in the world!

top-gaugeTop Gauge Pro Pressure ($79)

This sophisticated penis pump will bring your manhood to unheard of new heights.

Built with an extra large cylinder, the Top Gauge is guarenteed to help you achieve your full size potential.

The extra smooth cylinder assures that penis enlargement has never been more enjoyable than with this pump!

robosuck3RoboSuck 3 Penis Pump ($74)

Pump your way to a bigger penis in the most pleasurable way yet invented.

What if you were told that you could fuck a sweet pussy and your penis would grow bigger?  And the more times you fucked the sweet pussy, the bigger your penis became.

Well the RoboSuck 3 promises just that.  Even beter, this penis pump does all the work for you, producing an incredible sucking sensation that matches any male sex toy on the market.

bathmate-goliathBathmate Goliath ($193)

The famous Bathmate penis enlarger just got a whole lot bigger!  This is advertised as the world's largest penis enhancer on the market, aimed specifically for those men already 'well hung'.  Perhaps you have already used a penis enlarger, such as another version of the Bathmate, and you now want to take your penis to a new level?  If so, the Bathmate Goliath is for you!

male-edge-extraMale Edge Extra ($219)

This sleek deluxe penis enlarger comes in green and black. Our Male Edge EXTRA comes fully equipped with a range of useful extras and replacement parts, saving you both time and money. In addition to the standard accessories (ruler & rubber strap, 3D instructional DVD, 24h access to a training program), this world famous and highly regarded penis enlargement package also comes with a travel bag, two rubber straps and a protection pad. With the Male Edge EXTRA, you really have everything you need to reach your goals.

The Passion Pump is the best penis enlarger for those seeking a quick fix to their size problem. Just pump your penis for two delicious minutes with this thing (a masturbation toy in itself) and your erection will be rock hard as never before - up to 2 cm bigger than a normal erection. Use before lovemaking or even as a solo masturbation toy/aid. The Passion Pump is extremely versatile and excellent value for such a quality pump.

X4 Labs Extender (from $300)

The X4 Labs penis extender is one of the most trusted and respected penis enlargers in the world.  Fully doctor certified and clinically proven, the X4 Labs device has been used by thousands of men to successfully increase the size of the penis.

X4 Labs claim a success rate of over 85% for their world beating penis enlargement device.

penextPenext Penis Enlargement Kit ($225)

With the Penext penis enlargement kit you can finally harness the natural potential of your penis.

It's makers claim that their device is unlike any other penis enlarger on the market, enabling you to increase your penis by up to 2" in length in a completely painless and convenient way.

The main difference between the Penext and other penis enlargers is that it employs a soft harness rather than the rigid pulley type set ups used in most other systems.

The makers claim that this makes the Penext more comfortable and discreet than any other enlarger, allowing you to wear it unobtrusively no matter what activity you are engaging in.

The Penis Pal is a new penis enlarger that promises guarenteed results without pain or discomfort.

The makers recommend wearing the device for 3 to 6 hours a day, promising astonishing results of up to 6 inches increase in manhood, whether you are small, medium, or big to begin with!

The enlarger can be adapted to any size penis, and will increase size by painlessly and gradually exerting pressure on the penis and thereby forcing it to build new tissue.

The Penis Pal comes with an instructional DVD to help you maximise the benefits from use of the enlarger.

magunum enlargerMagnum Enlarger ($62)

The Magnum Enlarger employs the traction system that is found in most penis enlargement systems.

The enlarger promises to increase both penis girth and length with regular long-term use.

This is one of the cheaper traction penis enlargers on the market, so if $60 is about your budget limit, it might be worth a try.